Fresher Programmer/ Developer (JAVA / .NET)


1. The Software Programmers write, test, research and deliver quality code, documents, that binds the front and back ends of our products together and makes the customer experience and product usability as good as it gets.
2. This role will be responsible for whole vertical slices of functionality—from front end UI to back end product functionality, and procedures thoroughly as prescribed by the engineering standards.
. Develop minor and simple components or modules of the products
. Use common development tools such as compilers, debuggers, profiling tools and source control system as prescribed by the engineering standards.
. Participate in the meetings, training programs.
. Report to Leader and Line Manager.

1. Graduated from College or University majoring in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any other IT-related fields.
2. Fresher, or few experiences as Programmer / Developer for Java or .NET Web-based Software Solutions.
3. Fair in English.
4. Real passion for collaboration and strong interpersonal skills.
5. Self-motivated, good team player and result oriented.
6. Have knowledge in programming and willing to learn new technologies, understand the concept of OOP.
7. Any kinds of recent versions of Windows OS.
8. Java or C# Programming Language
9. RDMBS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)



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